Friday, January 21, 2011


My sister Erica and I read Kelly's Korner blog. On Fridays she does "Show us your life" where other bloggers can post and link their blog to hers. Today's topic is "Show us your singles". So I thought, what do we have to lose? Nothing. So here is our "single guy" Travis!
Travis is my younger brother. He is 22 years old. He is currently a student at Texas State University working on his bachelors degree in Spanish. Travis is the sweetest, most fun, laid back, and God loving brother any girl could ever ask for. He is the best uncle to my two kids...they know when Uncle Travis is around it's time to play! Travis is very musical, he plays the guitar beautifully. My daughter Savanna loves to sit with Travis and play songs with him. He has a huge passion for bike riding...he has a couple of bikes and is constantly going out and exploring new trails. He even took his bikes to Florida twice this past year. Our family loves to spend time on the coast of Florida together. We recently spent Thanksgiving week in Perdido Key Fl. Travis spent the majority of his time there with his niece and nephew. They hunted for shells, fished on the dock, and buried each other in the sand. We have an awesome family and love spending time together. We always have fun. At least one evening every week is spent together at out parent's house...laughing, playing, cooking...eating:) I am the oldest, Erica is the middle sister, and then Travis is the youngest. I am married to Brandon and we have two kids, Rylan and Savanna. Erica is married to Frankie and they are expecting their first baby in July. Travis has soo many wonderful qualities but my absolute favorite is that he is a hugger. I know our sister Erica would agree to this as well. He always welcomes us with a hug, and then never leaves without a good-bye hug.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

"We Are The Champions!"

*the title of this post is what Rylan was singing for the next few days*

Rylan's baseball team did very well this spring! Monday night was the "championship" game for the coach pitch teams...Rylan's team the Phillies made it and we played against the Padres. Rylan was so excited and so were we to have just made it to the championship game. The team had an extra practice to get ready and we arrived 2 hours early so they could get ready for the big game. The boys were so excited and so ready to win! They played awesome! The other team was pretty good too. It was a tough game, the "official" league people had to be called to settle a couple disputes between coaches and the refs. The whole game the score was always tied or one team up or down by only one point! Rylan played great, never struck out, made a few RBI's, and ran home himself a couple times. It was down to the very last inning and our team was hitting, the score was 18-18...the boys were in the dug out watching and cheering jumping on the fence...and it happened we got a run to make the score 19-18, and the referee called it a game! The Phillies won! It was so cool to watch the boys run out onto the filed cheering and hugging each other! All the families came out on the field and we took pictures and celebrated. They had a trophy ceremony and were awarded the big trophies. This is why the boys wanted to win the game was so they could all get a big trophy and not the small ones, lol! Rylan is already asking about when fall baseball will start again, and his coach wants him back on his team, yay! We really loved this team and our so glad we get to go back to it in the fall. Did I mention his coach is a former MLB player for the Phillies back in the early 90' cool is that?!? Here are some pics from our fun night...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Motherhood and other Random Happenings.

So, I just sat down to watch yesterday's episode of Oprah. It was about motherhood and how hard it is...yadda....yadda....yadda. Anyways, it totally made me feel better about my mothering skills. Yes, being a mom is hard...very hard and frustrating almost everyday...Luckily it is also full of rewarding moments every single least for me. But these mother's were so whiny! One lady was saying she only gets to shower a couple times a week!? Umm, put your kid in their crib or in front of a cartoon and take a doesn't have to take that long. This same lady even said that there had been times that she hadn't bathed her kids in three weeks...are you kidding me?? Most were just so whiny and complained about everything from having to drive a mini-van (which they don't HAVE to do), to having to make breakfast every morning (what's so hard about putting a little cereal and milk in a bowl?). My point is, that I'm so glad i don't feel the way they all did about mothering their children. I'm sure they all love their children, and were just having a bad!

Rylan had three hermit crabs. Neece and Pop got them for him on their trip to Florida this past fall. Sadly "Killer" died yesterday. The kids buried him and put flowers on his grave.
How sweet is that?

Rylan had Rodeo Day at school a couple of weeks ago. He dressed like a true Texas cowboy that day. I think he makes a really cute cowboy!

Here is Savanna on her actual birthday March 30, 2009. She got a new baby doll stroller and she LOVES it! She is such a doll herself!

Monday, March 30, 2009



We can't believe you are 3 years old today! These past 3 years have flown by. You have brought such joy to our lives, with your laughter, funny faces, sassiness, and most of all your love!

Love, Mom, Dad, and Rylan

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break 2009

I haven't posted anything in the last few weeks because I have been so busy with school, and Rylan's baseball, and then we got Spring Break, yay! I figured I better get these pictures posted since this weekend is Savanna's 3rd birthday party and Rylan has a few games, so I will soon have even more pictures to post.

For Spring Break we went to San Antonio again this year with Erica and Frankie. It was fun, but way more crowded than last year. The first day we went to Sea World, and it was the most crowded it had ever been when we have been there...but we managed to catch one show...Sesame Street! After that we went to our hotel and got cleaned up to go eat at this popular place Mi Tierras...of course it was way packed too, but we got on the list anyways. It is located in this neat little Mexican Market, so we shopped a little and played around for a couple hours until the kids couldn't take it anymore...we were still waiting to we left and just ordered pizza at the hotel for a really late dinner.

The next day we had planned to go to the Alamo and Wax Museum but decided not since the Spring Break crowds this year were absurd. We went to the Bass Pro Shop to shop a little, and then we went to the Snake Farm. This place is located right on the side of the highway and we have passed in many times, so we finally decided to check it out. It is so old and dirty. Of course there were many snakes, but there were even random animals, and a petting zoo. Savanna enjoyed the animals but Rylan was a little timid and stayed back.

Here are more than a few pics from our mini-vacay.