Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Summer Heat is On!

The heat of summer has officially arrived! Its already in the high 90's and you sure can feel it! Of course the kids have noticed and want to do all the fun water activities! Saturday we pulled out the slip n' slide from last summer and its still in good condition, yay! Rylan loves it, Savanna does too, except she wishes Rylan would give her more time to sit a relax under the water spraying, instead of having jumping out of his way every two seconds. We have started going to the pool again, Savanna enjoys it much more this year than last. Rylan sure didn't forget how to swim, he looks like he's been swimming all year long. I have been able to enjoy somewhat of a relaxing time by the pool since Savanna loves to play in the kiddie area now instead of demanding to be held the entire time, like last summer. I'm really hoping Savanna will learn to use the water wings his summer, but not counting on it, she isn't as keen on the water as her fish of a big brother.

On another note poor Savanna has had her first ever round of Strep Throat. She woke of Sunday morning with a raging fever of 103.6. I took her into an Urgent Care Doctor, and we got her on antibiotics quickly. Poor child was just miserable! There were so many sick kids in that place. Rylan was with me so I had to call Aunt Erica and Uncle Frankie to save him from all the gross germs trying to attack him. He was the very lucky one that day who got to be spoiled by his Aunt and Uncle all day...thanks Erica and Frankie, what would we ever do without y'all!! So, Savanna seems to be feeling better, but the poor girl developed a case of fever blisters inside her mouth, apparently a not so lovely side effect of the strep and fever. I'm having a hard time getting her to eat much of anything...at least she doesn't have a problem drinking juice and milk. I hope her mouth heals quickly, she's getting quite annoyed, as am I.

Well, lastly on a happier note, when Rylan jumped in the car after school today he was very excited to tell me to wiggle his bottom tooth. Its Loose! He finally has a loose tooth! I had started to wonder if he was ever going to start losing his teeth, so many of his friends have a mouth full of gaps from all the teeth they have been lost, and he still had all of his teeth stuck in tight! It's not just a little wiggly, its very wiggly, so we'll see how long it takes to come out.

Here is a video of Rylan showing off his slip n' slide talents, and a couple of pics out by the pool!

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