Sunday, June 22, 2008

This Weekend!

We had a pretty eventful weekend around here, well maybe not to some, but in our house it was! Brandon got his new game for the Wii called Rock Band that he's been waiting for to come out. Needless to say this game got used quite a bit for hours on end, and into the wee hours of the morning...just ask Erica, she discovered her hidden talent...playing the drums! We all have had fun with it...even Savanna tries to sing on the microphone. This game will surely be a great party game.

After a long night of playing Rock Band someone had the great idea to give the guys haircuts. I'm not sure who's idea it was, but Frankie and Rylan are the only two to actually get haircuts...and here they are......

Of course the rest of the weekend was spent at the pool again.....

Summer Happenings!

Okay, Erica brought to me attention last night that I need to update my blog so she has something to read at work Monday....Time got the best of me, its not like I have anything else to do, haha:) Well I do have many pictures of my two cute kids I would love to share. A few weeks ago Brandon and I were both on vacation from work so we had a week to do as we pleased. We went to Sea World with my Erica, Frankie, Frankie's mom Margaret, his niece Abigail, and our brother Travis. It was so so HOT! But we had fun and made memories which was most important. We were at the water park for the majority of the day. Once we ventured from the water park we were on our way to the cold Penguin House. On the way there we were passing the roller coaster "The Steel Eel" Erica wanted to ride so we stopped and I got the crazy idea to ride to....Frankie and his Mom offered to watch the kids, so off we all went, Brandon, Travis, Erica, and I. We didn't have to wait very long in line so I didn't really have much time to get nervous, so we're going up the first and tallest mountain thingy, and Brandon and I are looking around to see if we can see our kids down under waiting for us, all of a sudden Brandon says, "Hold on, here it goes!" I had no idea what I had gotten myself into! Down we went, me bottom was out of the chair, I felt as if I was free falling, the wind so so hard in my face I couldn't breathe! The whole ride I clenched my eyes shut and held on for dear life! As the ride ended, a whole three minutes that felt like and hour, I was shaking, and all I could tell Brandon was never again, LOL! So Erica, seems a little shaken, Travis a little more shaken, and Brandon wanting to go again! We walked down to look at our picture the park takes, and it was hilarious, we totally should have bought one, but I needed to sit down in cold air and compose myself. The picture is permanently implanted in my brain:) So that was the biggest excitement of this Sea World Trip. Savanna got to see Shamu, or "Mu" as she would say!

We also went out to Lake Travis for one of our vacation days. A few of our friends went out with us. We grilled, swam, read magazines, swatted flies, ran after cans and bags of chips blowing away in the extremely high wind, lol! Rylan had a great time looking for shells and shiny rocks, he has his good friend Jordan there to. Savanna spent a couple hours just bringing me buckets of water. The day was good but ended abruptly when Rylan got hit in the head with a rock and looked like he was bleeding to death, thankfully once we got him cleaned up it was just a cut about and centimeter long on his hairline above his forehead that just bled like crazy for a few minutes. The last time he got hurt at the lake was when he was three years old, at this exact same park, he fell and busted his chin open...So I think next time we go to the lake we'll pick a different park.

Of course everyday of our mini-vacay we went swimming, after all, that's really all you can do when everyday the weather is 105 degrees.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Yay Rylan!!

Yay Rylan, you finished you first year of "real" school!! I am so very very proud of you! Your such a kind and loving boy, your the greatest big brother a little sister could have. You have learned many things in kindergarten such as,colors and numbers in spanish, spelling, reading, writing, and math. Your favorite subject so far seems to be math. You came home after the first few weeks of school and would open a package of fruit snacks and count them and then subtract one every time you ate one...I was so impressed! You like to count to 100 while we are driving in the car, Savanna trys to count with you. She counts like this, two...two...two...two, you just laugh and tell her good job! You have learned to read this year, this was you hardest subject. I was kinda shocked they were teaching you to read sentences already, I don't think I learned to read until 1st grade. I remember the day I found a "piggy" note in you backpack from your teacher, praising you for your accomplishment in reading a level 2 book all by yourself! We were late to school the morning I found it, as I was franticly going through yor bag trying to get it ready for the day! My eyes filled with tears as I read it, and when I asked you why you diden't show me it the day before you simply said your forgot. I guess you diden't think it was that big of a deal...well it was, and that note is still hanging on the fridge! To end your Kindergarten year y'all had a graduation ceremony complete with caps and gowns. You looked so cute. Again you wondered what the big deal was. While your class was on stage singing songs that y'all had practiced you were yawning, too funny! I am so proud of how much you have grown and accomplished this past school year. I really can't beleive your done with Kindergarten and are going to a 1st grader! I love you! Love, Mom