Sunday, June 1, 2008

Yay Rylan!!

Yay Rylan, you finished you first year of "real" school!! I am so very very proud of you! Your such a kind and loving boy, your the greatest big brother a little sister could have. You have learned many things in kindergarten such as,colors and numbers in spanish, spelling, reading, writing, and math. Your favorite subject so far seems to be math. You came home after the first few weeks of school and would open a package of fruit snacks and count them and then subtract one every time you ate one...I was so impressed! You like to count to 100 while we are driving in the car, Savanna trys to count with you. She counts like this, two...two...two...two, you just laugh and tell her good job! You have learned to read this year, this was you hardest subject. I was kinda shocked they were teaching you to read sentences already, I don't think I learned to read until 1st grade. I remember the day I found a "piggy" note in you backpack from your teacher, praising you for your accomplishment in reading a level 2 book all by yourself! We were late to school the morning I found it, as I was franticly going through yor bag trying to get it ready for the day! My eyes filled with tears as I read it, and when I asked you why you diden't show me it the day before you simply said your forgot. I guess you diden't think it was that big of a deal...well it was, and that note is still hanging on the fridge! To end your Kindergarten year y'all had a graduation ceremony complete with caps and gowns. You looked so cute. Again you wondered what the big deal was. While your class was on stage singing songs that y'all had practiced you were yawning, too funny! I am so proud of how much you have grown and accomplished this past school year. I really can't beleive your done with Kindergarten and are going to a 1st grader! I love you! Love, Mom

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