Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bye Bye Paci!

As everyone knows Miss Savanna is quite fond of her pacifier. Well this past Sunday I had completely had it with always having to search the house for one of 10 pacifiers hidden. On a typical day we had to search at least 6 times for one. Savanna would just drop it anywhere, the toy box, behind shelves, inside shoes, in the laundry...you name the place we have found one there. She would cry and whine for her "blah" (what she called her paci?!?no idea where that came from) until we found one.
So, Sunday afternoon she comes to me crying for one, I tell her she has to go look. When she comes back without one, and still crying for one, I decide in that moment that we are done with the pacifier. It truly is time she is two years old. Brandon looked at me as if I was crazy, but agreed and went along with the story we told her. I simply said, " Savanna, I think the paci fairies finally came and took all of the pacifiers to the tiny new babies. The new babies will be so so happy now! You are so nice for letting them have them!" She looked at me like I was crazy, and said "babies?", I told her "yes." and she then ran to her room and started looking through her baby dolls for a paci. I followed her and told her not those babies, the real babies . She whined a little but didn't protest too much.
Brandon and I had to make a mad dash around the house finding the lost pacifiers to hide again. So far Savanna only found one and Brandon snatched it from her before she could put it in her mouth and we distracted her with candy to make her forget what she saw...it worked. This all happened Sunday evening, so tonight is night three without the paci. Bedtime is a little difficult, but not too bad. This afternoon was the worst so far, she was just too flustered and crying so so hard, it broke my heart. I just had to hold her tight and rock her...that passed and she was fine again. Every now and then during the day she will run up to me and say "Babies!" all excited, so I know that means she is still thinking about where her pacifiers went. There is no turning back now, three days is a very long time for this sort of thing. I'm praying that tomorrow is a little easier for her.

Here are some pics of her with her paci, the last time anyone will see her with one. I really had to search for pics of because I always yanked it out of her mouth for pics!

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