Thursday, July 24, 2008

School, School, and more School

Sorry I haven't posted anything lately. We really haven't had any big events or grand stories to tell the past couple of weeks. I have been super busy with my summer class, and taking assessment tests for my fall classes that I haven't had time for anything else lately. I'm taking a Pharmacology class this summer and its pretty interesting and not as hard as I had anticipated. Of course its pretty difficult, but much more intersting then my other classes from the past year. But wow it takes up a ton of time. I have a test every week over the drugs and their actions tests of prescription dosage math problems....surprisingly I'm pretty good at these "dosage" math exams. In between taking tests for pharmacology I had been taking a Chemistry assessment test that you have to pass before you can take Physiology, and the darn class filled up before I could make an acceptable grade, so that was pretty upsetting, its going to put me a semester behind. So anyways, the past couple of weeks have been pretty rough for myself, thankfully only a couple weeks left of summer school and then I get a slight break before fall semester begins.

As for Rylan and Savanna, they have been good. Rylan has been going to vacation bible school all week, and he really likes it! Savanna is actively potty training now and doing great with that...she decided on her own to start using the potty, yay!

I wish I had new pictures to share, but I don't. I will try and get some new pictures this weekend!

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