Monday, August 25, 2008

Rylan Starts First Grade!

Today was the first day of school. Rylan is now big first grader! His new teacher is named Mrs. McDougal, and so far she is very nice. He has a few friends from his kindergarten class in his new class which was a great. Unfortunately it was kind of a rough start to the new school year... Our whole family has been battling a stomach virus for the past few days... so it was a little nerve wracking to send Rylan to school not feeling completely himself. Thankfully the day seemed to go well, he didn't have any complaints except that his tummy hurt him every now and then...but he is now outside playing with friends, so he's I know he's fine. I truly cannot believe that our baby boy Rylan is already in the first great...Unbelievable!

In other news we have had a little rain every day for almost a week been great! So last night while shopping for school lunch food and snacks we came upon the kid umbrellas, every time we see these Rylan asks for one, and I always tell him no, because I know that they will get broken so quickly, plus it doesn't rain enough around here for everyone to need their own umbrella....So, this time I said YES! Rylan, I don't think believed me since he has hear no every time he ever asked, lol! Savanna picked out a Little Mermaid one, and Rylan picked Sponge Bob. Once we got home and they opened them up Rylan was a little disappointed in how small the actually were...great size for Savanna...I guess I should have gotten Rylan one a couple years ago...oh well. They even got the chance to use them this afternoon in the rain, yay!

Here is Rylan before school this morning, and also some pics of them out in the rain with the new umbrellas...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

All Savanna

Today's blog is all about the Princess herslef, Savanna. Today I spent the whole day with her. Rylan spent the day with Brandon and Uncle Frankie. We helped host cousin Sara's baby shower this afternoon. Savanna had a grand time sipping punch from a big girl cup and eating m&m's all afternoon.

Before we left this morning we tryed to get a picture of us two girls...the first one makes me laugh, its the before:

Here is the after, much better....

Here are some more pictures of Miss Savanna this afternoon:

This last one is her walking around Neece and Pop's yard wearing Travis's flip flops. If your wondering hats on her belly, its a tattoo she got out of one of those sticker machines. its Daisy Duck.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our San Antonio Trip

We went to San Antonio on Sunday and stayed till Monday. Sunday we went to Sea World and it was HOT as expected. We had a fun time. Rylan rode the Log Ride with Aaron and I and he said he thought he was going to have a heart attack. It was a fun ride but a little more thilling than I thought it would be. Savanna got to see her Shamu, and we also got to see the baby Beluga whales who were born only 2 weeks ago. They were so very cute. After riding the rides and seeing the sites we went and cooled off at the water park, Nana and Jen watched the kids so B and I could go ride their new water slide!
Sunday we went to the Alamo. They have this cool tour that you listen with hea phones and go at you own pace, but B and I had a hard time listening to it and keeping up with Savanna. All in all it was a great couple of days spent with family!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Just A Typical Day in Our Life

Here is a recap of today:

First we went to the little Round Rock Water Park, which is pretty much a giant kiddie pool. Erica and Frankie joined us, poor Brandon had to work today so I needed extra eyes and hands. The kids had a good time splashing. It was extremely HOT though, my feet are still feeling a little scalded from the cement. Thankfully this was an uneventful outing, good time, no injuries, no lost kids, no time outs:)
Once Brandon got home this evening we needed to go to the Verizon Wireless Store because my phone has been messing up. Now we should have known to send one of us alone because the employees of this store are the slowest ever and take an hour to deal with one customer. While Brandon was dealing with the sales guy our kids are behaving pretty well, Rylan sat in one chair next to me, and Savanna in another chair across from me. Okay now, everyone who has ever been around Savanna for more than five minutes knows that she has the highest pitched squeal in the whole world, well, she lets out a laughing type squeal and this evil lady who was close to us covers her ears and gives us the most evil glare ever and kinda mumbles under her breath about awful noises and such...oh yeah, Brandon and I were livid. So not even two seconds later Savanna jumps off the chair and runs to Rylan and I and in the process trips and hits her head..oh yeah, another a very loud scream she makes this time. I didn't even have time to look at the evil lady this time I just grabbed Savanna and headed to the car. I was so mad and hurt by this lady that I was crying. Savanna was fine once we got in the car and so was I. While the kids and I waited in the car evil lady walks out of the store and right by our car, I told both kids that they should scream because there is the lady who doesn't like loud kids, and they did! It was funny. Brandon finally made it out of the store and tells me that when I left with the kids she was still going off about loud kids and being rude, so Brandon of course apologized in a loud and then continued to whistle, LOL! Its funny now, but when this was happening I was so upset that someone could be so rude about a my child being happy and making noise, its not like the was misbehaving and screaming. On the way home we all had a pretty good laugh about the whole situation. My question is, how could anyone ever be annoyed at this sweet dear girl....
Finally it was getting close to bedtime and I heard Savanna messing around in the kitchen. I found that my kitchen smelled strongly like dishwasher detergent and the empty bottle on top of the trash can. She had emptied the whole thing into the dishwasher. Brandon turned it on, and a few minutes later this is what we found...
And finally here is what my beautiful children are up to now...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Babies

Today I was cleaning out my closet and we pulled out the baby scrap books from both kids. They LOVED looking at of their baby pictures. When I would ask Savanna who that baby was she would say ME! She would show Rylan her pictures and tell him, "My baby.". Since they enjoyed the pictures so much we then watched some little videos of them. They were so cute, and of course still are. I laughed so hard at how crazy Rylan is, because he still yells and roars and is just as crazy as this video. And check out the size of Savanna's thighs, lol! I honestly don't remember her being such a chunky monkey. Enjoy!