Monday, August 25, 2008

Rylan Starts First Grade!

Today was the first day of school. Rylan is now big first grader! His new teacher is named Mrs. McDougal, and so far she is very nice. He has a few friends from his kindergarten class in his new class which was a great. Unfortunately it was kind of a rough start to the new school year... Our whole family has been battling a stomach virus for the past few days... so it was a little nerve wracking to send Rylan to school not feeling completely himself. Thankfully the day seemed to go well, he didn't have any complaints except that his tummy hurt him every now and then...but he is now outside playing with friends, so he's I know he's fine. I truly cannot believe that our baby boy Rylan is already in the first great...Unbelievable!

In other news we have had a little rain every day for almost a week been great! So last night while shopping for school lunch food and snacks we came upon the kid umbrellas, every time we see these Rylan asks for one, and I always tell him no, because I know that they will get broken so quickly, plus it doesn't rain enough around here for everyone to need their own umbrella....So, this time I said YES! Rylan, I don't think believed me since he has hear no every time he ever asked, lol! Savanna picked out a Little Mermaid one, and Rylan picked Sponge Bob. Once we got home and they opened them up Rylan was a little disappointed in how small the actually were...great size for Savanna...I guess I should have gotten Rylan one a couple years ago...oh well. They even got the chance to use them this afternoon in the rain, yay!

Here is Rylan before school this morning, and also some pics of them out in the rain with the new umbrellas...

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