Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pictures From Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday evening we I started making pancakes to put in the freezer for easy breakfasts before school in the mornings for Rylan. He came in and decided to take charge, all I did was sit on the counter and supervise. I asked him where he learned to flip pancakes and he said from Pop, when he spends the night. Here are some pics of our little cook. Please excuse the him for being shirtless, I don't know why but he always takes his shirt off at home. And its not something worth fighting in my opinion.
Today I caught sweet little Savanna Grace partaking in a little wall decorating in her brothers room....I'm sure he'll love this when he sees it. Note the "I was caught in the act and now I'm going to look sweet and innocent" face.Of course I couldn't be that mad at her, she did look too cute with her braided piggy tails, plus those were awesome lines drawn by a two year old, lol! Just another wall to clean once I finally remember to buy some more of those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.

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