Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sat. Jan.3, 2009

Here is pretty Savanna playing with paint this morning. Look at how curly her hair looks...I hadn't brushed her hair yet today, and this was how it dried after her cute!
This is Rylan doing what he does best...playing Mario Kart on his Nintendo ds. You can still see the scratch on his cheek from playing football yesterday. This is not my ideal picture of Rylan to have posted today, but right after it was taken I noticed that my lense was not rotating to focus....its broke! I left my camera sitting within reach of Miss S, and she threw it on the floor...I am so so Sad about this...its my own fault though for leaving it out. Luckily I have another lense from our older camera, so I'll have to work with that until I can buy a new one...hopefully sooner than later. It looks like I will be obsessing over new lenses and hinting for a new one for my valentines gift from Brandon..hint hint.

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