Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday January 11, 2009

Lately I have been getting into "couponing", there are many blogs you can find online about what deals you can get, where and when, and what coupons are coming out in the newspaper etc. So far the blog: has been very helpful, and this one, has been helping me get awsome deals at Walgreens. So I was at Walgreens today checking out and the lady helping me was so nice and knew the couponing hobby, she even shared with me that they put out their new coupons for the week every Saturday afternoon, so on Saturday you can use that current weeks ad coupons and the new coming weeks ad coupons together, possibly earning you money for shopping there. I'm not sure my brain could figure that one out yet, it took a few weeks to finally figure out how to "stack" coupons to get free items at Walgreens. Apparently you can do this at other stores too such as CVS, and Randalls, but every store has different rules. So far I think I have the rules for Walgreens down. Here are my deals so far: Last Sunday I got 2 boxes Electrol dishwasher tabs, 4 Garnier Fructise shampoos and conditioners, a roll of Reynolds wrap foil, and 6 cans of Ajax, total spent was 2.00. This week I got 2 cans of Oust air sanitizer, 2 tubs of Lysol wipes, a tube of Aquafresh toothpaste, a box of Kleenex, for 2.50. Wow. I have a few more coupons to get the same items later this week, I didn't want to get them all at seemed a little selfish, lol! Buying the same things today at HEB would have been around 15.00. Since I saved so much I let the kids pick out a treat and we found these giant Lolly Pops for only a dollar! They were amazed, and both said a big "Thank you Mommy!" as if I have never bought them a treat before, ha ha.

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