Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tuesday Jan.6 2009

Well, If you look real close to Savanna's hair you'll see what I'm talking about. Today was like the third time she has rubbed lip gloss into her hair...and it is totally impossible to just simply wash out. The first time this happened I was not home, so Brandon tried to wash it out with just soap and water. I arrived home to a very sticky, greasy headed little girl. I googled what to do, and found that corn starch helps absorb the petroleum jelly and then it will rinse out. It works!! Well for the most part, I usually have to cornstarch her hair, wash, rinse, repeat cornstarch a couple times...but at least her hair is back to normal by the next day! Why don't I put all the lip gloss away??
Onto these pictures, LOL! I'm not sure what to say about them, Rylan and Savanna were just awfully goofy Tuesday evening. Please ignore the dirty was right after dinner and right before bath time.

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