Thursday, February 26, 2009


It has been such a long week. I've been feeling so overwhelmed the past couple of weeks, I'm constantly torn in my emotions about school and my family. No, I'm not considered quiting, I'm so close to being where I want to be in school. But I am just so exhausted with the juggling of school and my family. Whenever I'm taking time to study and do homework I feel guilty for not spending that time with my kids, either outside, or reading to them, or even just being silly together on the floor in the living room. Then there comes the issue of keeping up with our home, I can't stand to let the dishes sit, or let the laundry pile up, so when I am doing those things I feel guilty for not using that time to work on school stuff. Ugh, maybe its my poor time management finally catching up with me. I just always feel torn between all these things and what I really should be doing. I will always put my kids first, they will never go without, I'm just so tired of feeling anxious about life in general. I'm sorry about this post being such a pity party, especially since I haven't posted in a little while. When I sat here and tried to think of what to write today, this is all that was running through my mind. Of course I have pictures to share from this week!

Rylan had a "Music Show Off Day" at his school this past Wednesday. He was so excited for me to come and watch him, he asked me several times a few days before the make sure I would be there. He was so cute and of course acted like he was "cool". I have a video of him that I have been trying to upload but it dosen't want to work so I will try again later. He loves his music class, he loves to sing, and apparently the teacher is very nice...he even made her a "special" valentine card just for her a couple weeks ago.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

February 15, 2009

We had a yummy dinner of grilled Lobster Tail on Valentines Day.
Brandon and the kids gave me CHOCOLATE for Valentines Day...yay!

On Valentines Day Morning Rylan had baseball assesments for the spring season. He did great!

Before Valentines Day the kids did a few sweet activities to prepare...we made cookies.
They both worked very hard on making Valentine cards.Rylan found a cat outside who looks like Tommy, so we brought him out some milk.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

February 11, 2009

Lost Track of Time....

I'm surprised it has already been a week since I've posted. I have been so busy with school work and don't really have time for anything extra, which makes me kinda sad. Rylan's baseball season starts this coming week, so that adds another thing to my list. But with baseball season, there will be more pictures that I must share. I haven't been taking many pictures lately, I forget...and when I do get my camera out, I get annoyed because my good SLR camera is still broke. Hopefully in the next couple weeks, it will be repaired and working awesome. Here a few pictures of the last week, there is only one of Rylan because he won't let me take pictures of him....
Rylan's lip has healed completely already! It still is a little puffy and had a very slight scar, but looks awesome. If you didn't know what had happened to him only 10 days ago you could never tell. His gums are healing nicely too, those are still pretty puffy, but look almost normal again.

Savanna loves to paint.

This is our neighbor's baby...Savanna loves her, and kept bringing out every stuffed animal or her to play with.

Here is what Savanna did to get my attention while I was trying to study.

Bubble Time.
Isn't this the sweetest thing?

And here is what I have been up to...everyday.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February 4, 2009

Kids are Brutally Honest...
So today Rylan was rummaging through my closet and he found a picture of me at my high school graduation was a pool party. In this picture I'm standing next to a friend in my cute two piece swim suit...and I'm much thinner than now. He brings this picture to me an asks when this was, I tell him about the party etc. He then says, "I wish you still looked like this." Oh my, yes me too, lol! I guess it's just another incentive to lose a little weight before our vacation to Florida this summer:) No, I won't post the picture here...but you can find it on my fridge.

Today we had a fun afternoon over at Avery an Ashton's house...We jumped on the trampoline!

Rylan is still doing good. His gums are looking pretty good today, much better than yesterday. His lip is pretty dry, so we keep putting vaseline on it. Depending on how it looks in the morning, I may take him into the dr. just to get it checked on...I'm sure it's fine though.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February 3, 2009

Update on Rylan: He is doing awesome! Amazingly well for all the trauma his little mouth went through. The hardest part has been that he isn't able to eat regular foods. He has to eat soft, bland things. He has had lots of pudding, jello, ice cream, and chicken noodle soup. Rylan likes to eat meat....a this has been very hard on him. Last night I went to the store and bought some stuff for mashed potatoes and mac and cheese so he can try those today. I even got him a cream cake that is super moist, so he has enjoyed that. He went to the dentist this morning and they took some x-rays...all looks well, his permanent teeth that are up in his gums look good, no fractures, yay! The dentist took a look at his gums..they look horrendous..and he said that gums do look awful when they go through such a trauma but heal quickly and nicely. So we just need to keep them clean, by rinsing with a little salt water a few times a day. I took a look at his gums just a little while ago when he woke up and they still look bad, but he says they don't hurt, so that's a good thing. Here he is playing computer games, his lip is still very swollen.The Rocket: Rylan had been saving his money for a rocket that you build and can shoot off. After his big ordeal on Sunday Brandon went and bought the kit and they started building it. They finished yesterday and we went out to see it fly. Uncle Frankie heard about the Rocket and had to come play too. It was so cool.
Rylan and the big RocketHere are the guys setting is up.
It was pretty loud!

I had to include this picture of Miss.S, she NEVER naps anymore, so it was a lovely surprise yesterday afternoon when I found her snoozin away in the big chair.
Alrighty, I have a ton of school work to do today...I finished my English paper yesterday and submitted it, my teacher already responded to it, and apparently I left out a summary I was supposed to write as well, so I need to do that right now...have a wonderful day!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

February 1, 2009


This picture dosen't look bad at all, but I do have some pretty bad pics I won't share unless requested.

poor Rylan is all I can really say to sum up our day. My dear boy had to go to the emergency room this morning for stitches. It all started around 7 a.m. today when my Mom called to wake us up because Rylan had fell in her bedroom and busted his lip open really bad. He had spent the night over there after Dad's surprise party yesterday. (I'll share that in a minute) We threw Savanna in the car and were off to Mom and Dad's house within minutes of them calling us. I wasn't sure what to expect when we got there...his poor little mouth was worse though than I had imagined. His lip look ed as if he had sliced it with sciccors, and inside his mouth was a nightmare. One of his two front teeth was hanging by and thread and his gums were a sight.
Off we went to the E.R. He certainly was a trooper, understandably upset. Once they got some good pain meds in him he started to calm down and talk normally to us about things like; if he had school tomorrow, and when we left if he could get a drink:) However once the Dr. came in (whom as very sweet and nice) Rylan lost it again and was in a panic over having to get his lip "sewn up".
Once it was that time we had to wrap him tight in a sheet and hep hold him still, he stayed still and just complained of being really hot. During the procedure he did very well and stayed calm and even stared a much as he could at what the Dr. was doing. Sadly once it was time for the Dr. to take care of the inside of his mouth Rylan fell apart and so did I...ugh it was awful, he had to have his two front teeth taken out, and it hurt him so bad..I had to turn away to hide my tears. Thankfully the procedure only lasted about 15 minutes, ad once the Dr. was done Rylan sat up and was even joking around with Brandon and trying to tickle me...the pain meds made him a little goofy.
The crazy thing about his teeth having to come out today was that tomorrow he had an appointment at the dentist to have those same two teeth removed. One was broke and not coming out on its own, and both permanent teeth coming in were doing so the wrong way. Rylan even said "Well at least I don't I have to get my teeth pulled now, I took care of it myself."!
He has a dentist appointment first thing in the morning to have his poor injured mouth checked up on and to have some ex rays done on his facial bones. There is a chance that he has a fracture in the bone that holds the top teeth in. I'm praying its just bruised. Please pray too!

Okay, on to more fun things! We threw our Dad a surpise birthday party yesterday to celebrate his big 50! He was totally surprised. It was a blast.