Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February 4, 2009

Kids are Brutally Honest...
So today Rylan was rummaging through my closet and he found a picture of me at my high school graduation was a pool party. In this picture I'm standing next to a friend in my cute two piece swim suit...and I'm much thinner than now. He brings this picture to me an asks when this was, I tell him about the party etc. He then says, "I wish you still looked like this." Oh my, yes me too, lol! I guess it's just another incentive to lose a little weight before our vacation to Florida this summer:) No, I won't post the picture here...but you can find it on my fridge.

Today we had a fun afternoon over at Avery an Ashton's house...We jumped on the trampoline!

Rylan is still doing good. His gums are looking pretty good today, much better than yesterday. His lip is pretty dry, so we keep putting vaseline on it. Depending on how it looks in the morning, I may take him into the dr. just to get it checked on...I'm sure it's fine though.

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