Thursday, February 26, 2009


It has been such a long week. I've been feeling so overwhelmed the past couple of weeks, I'm constantly torn in my emotions about school and my family. No, I'm not considered quiting, I'm so close to being where I want to be in school. But I am just so exhausted with the juggling of school and my family. Whenever I'm taking time to study and do homework I feel guilty for not spending that time with my kids, either outside, or reading to them, or even just being silly together on the floor in the living room. Then there comes the issue of keeping up with our home, I can't stand to let the dishes sit, or let the laundry pile up, so when I am doing those things I feel guilty for not using that time to work on school stuff. Ugh, maybe its my poor time management finally catching up with me. I just always feel torn between all these things and what I really should be doing. I will always put my kids first, they will never go without, I'm just so tired of feeling anxious about life in general. I'm sorry about this post being such a pity party, especially since I haven't posted in a little while. When I sat here and tried to think of what to write today, this is all that was running through my mind. Of course I have pictures to share from this week!

Rylan had a "Music Show Off Day" at his school this past Wednesday. He was so excited for me to come and watch him, he asked me several times a few days before the make sure I would be there. He was so cute and of course acted like he was "cool". I have a video of him that I have been trying to upload but it dosen't want to work so I will try again later. He loves his music class, he loves to sing, and apparently the teacher is very nice...he even made her a "special" valentine card just for her a couple weeks ago.

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