Thursday, March 5, 2009

What is the point of getting the flu shot....

So both kids have been sick....Rylan came down with the flu last Friday and was finally well enough to go back to school yesterday. He had been feeling pretty much all better since Sunday evening but couldn't get rid of that little 99-100 fever. I think he way over did himself yesterday because by the time 7 pm hit he looked sick again and had me worried. I took his temp an it was very off to a bath and bed he went and woke up fine, thank goodness. Savanna started a little fever Tuesday evening but was still acting normal, and when she woke up yesterday she had a fever of 102. The weird thing is that she has been playing and acting normal...she was a little more slow during the day but never once complained. Poor girl had a rough night last night though, her fever rose up again at bedtime so she had a hard time falling asleep, she kept jumping awake as if something had startled we gave her more tylenol and she slept with me. About midnight i heard a thud, thud, and realized she had fallen out of our bed and hit the side table...I felt so bad, she cried and cried, then finally settled down. She wouldn't have fallen out if Brandon hadn't still been up watching tv out in the living room, so he came to bed after the incident so it wouldn't happen again. No, I'm no blaming Brandon...hehe. So she is still asleep this morning and didn't feel very warm when I got up, so hopefully she'll be better today...we'll see. I'll update later and get some new pictures.

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