Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Motherhood and other Random Happenings.

So, I just sat down to watch yesterday's episode of Oprah. It was about motherhood and how hard it is...yadda....yadda....yadda. Anyways, it totally made me feel better about my mothering skills. Yes, being a mom is hard...very hard and frustrating almost everyday...Luckily it is also full of rewarding moments every single day...at least for me. But these mother's were so whiny! One lady was saying she only gets to shower a couple times a week!? Umm, put your kid in their crib or in front of a cartoon and take a shower...it doesn't have to take that long. This same lady even said that there had been times that she hadn't bathed her kids in three weeks...are you kidding me?? Most were just so whiny and complained about everything from having to drive a mini-van (which they don't HAVE to do), to having to make breakfast every morning (what's so hard about putting a little cereal and milk in a bowl?). My point is, that I'm so glad i don't feel the way they all did about mothering their children. I'm sure they all love their children, and were just having a bad day...lol!

Rylan had three hermit crabs. Neece and Pop got them for him on their trip to Florida this past fall. Sadly "Killer" died yesterday. The kids buried him and put flowers on his grave.
How sweet is that?

Rylan had Rodeo Day at school a couple of weeks ago. He dressed like a true Texas cowboy that day. I think he makes a really cute cowboy!

Here is Savanna on her actual birthday March 30, 2009. She got a new baby doll stroller and she LOVES it! She is such a doll herself!

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