Friday, January 21, 2011


My sister Erica and I read Kelly's Korner blog. On Fridays she does "Show us your life" where other bloggers can post and link their blog to hers. Today's topic is "Show us your singles". So I thought, what do we have to lose? Nothing. So here is our "single guy" Travis!
Travis is my younger brother. He is 22 years old. He is currently a student at Texas State University working on his bachelors degree in Spanish. Travis is the sweetest, most fun, laid back, and God loving brother any girl could ever ask for. He is the best uncle to my two kids...they know when Uncle Travis is around it's time to play! Travis is very musical, he plays the guitar beautifully. My daughter Savanna loves to sit with Travis and play songs with him. He has a huge passion for bike riding...he has a couple of bikes and is constantly going out and exploring new trails. He even took his bikes to Florida twice this past year. Our family loves to spend time on the coast of Florida together. We recently spent Thanksgiving week in Perdido Key Fl. Travis spent the majority of his time there with his niece and nephew. They hunted for shells, fished on the dock, and buried each other in the sand. We have an awesome family and love spending time together. We always have fun. At least one evening every week is spent together at out parent's house...laughing, playing, cooking...eating:) I am the oldest, Erica is the middle sister, and then Travis is the youngest. I am married to Brandon and we have two kids, Rylan and Savanna. Erica is married to Frankie and they are expecting their first baby in July. Travis has soo many wonderful qualities but my absolute favorite is that he is a hugger. I know our sister Erica would agree to this as well. He always welcomes us with a hug, and then never leaves without a good-bye hug.